Chapter synopsis

I’ve been considering putting up chapter synopsis as I complete each chapter, just to let you know where the story is going and so you can get a feel for the story.

I won’t be giving away in secrets in the bits I post here, just general who’s doing what or who’s doing who and what, in general, is happening. Just teasers really for what I’ve written in each chapter.

What do you think?

If there is enough interest, I may do this.



Update on due date and length

I’ve discussed this with my editor and more importantly, my husband (a real author,   lol) The size of the book was going to be 160k words.  A number I came up with on my own after some sort of research as to what sizes I thought novels were.   I find out now, I was way over estimating the word count of popular novels.

SO, my expected word count is now revised down to a more reasonable 85k words. I now need to work out a more accurate due date for it.

I’ll post my new estimate shortly. I’m taking one nursing class this summer and then it’ll be back to full time student in the fall. I’m not sure how much time I’ll have once classes start full time.

In search of advice

I’ve had two responses to this question so far ( I was really hoping to start a real discussion, but I’ll take what I can get. ^_^ ). Joe Bolin thinks along the same lines as I do. The sex is vital, but must fit within the plot of the story.  If I wanted to write jerk off material, and I have, plot wouldn’t be important. But, I want it to be important. I want to write a full story, with actual protagonists and antagonists and adventure and thrills and, oh by the way, SEX.

The novel series beginning with 50 Shades of Gray is now, like it or not, the ‘gold’ standard for mainstream erotica now days. Whether you love it or hate it, you likely have an opinion about it and you know what that means? It means E.L. James has written a book that is selling and has touched a chord in the minds of millions of people.  I am extremely grateful for her work because it’s lent an air of ‘respectability’ to a once taboo genre. For crying out loud, it’s numbers one two AND three on the New York Times best sellers list. And she’s sold the movie rights.

If I’m going to emulate someone, why not emulate (NOT RIP OFF OR PLAGIARIZE)  an author why not follow the mold of someone who is extremely successful.

For those of you who have not actually read the book, the first sex scene doesn’t appear until almost exactly half way through the first novel! There is, of course, plenty of sex in the books, but there is a LOT more talking about and flirting and buildup to sex than actual sex. Once they are having sex, it’s off the scale hot but it doesn’t go on forever.

That’s what I’m trying to do with my novel. Write a compelling story that also includes some hot sex scenes. Because, life is a compelling story with, hopefully, some hot sex thrown in to keep the characters (us) happy and sane. ^_^

My particular story is a Paranormal Erotic piece. The impetus for the story was a girl friend of mine who hated “Twilight” because she loves wolves. She said she would have gone for the werewolf in a heart beat and could I please write her a short story where the main character chooses the wolf and not the vampire. She also wanted an adult version not a high school romance version. In others words, she wanted an erotic piece.

I’ve spent the last few months trying to build a fan base of kinky followers using every social media format I could think of (Twitter, Tumblr, G+, Blogger, some adult movie sites, etc.). People that I thought/think would enjoy a sex packed story. Now I’m beginning to wonder about the wisdom of building a ‘fan base’ of pervs. Don’t misinterpret that description. I wear that tag quite proudly. lol.

As I’ve said, many times, I’m a new writer and have not read much mainstream Erotica. I’ve read stuff on Literotica and other sex story sites. My only main stream erotica is the 50 Shades trilogy.


I want advice. I’m still struggling with how much sex the book needs in order to stay in the Erotica category. I want to be in the category because the sex i do write is hard core. Without it being categorized as Erotica it wouldn’t have a home and I definitely want it to be salable in a proper book store. The first edition will be on Shashwords as an eBook but I retain rights so I can put out new editions where ever I can sell them. If I get enough sales on Smashwords, I feel as though I can go to an agent and say, “Hey, I have already sold xxxx books, can you get me a print deal?”.

In the mean time. I’m working away on the story and relish any advice that other authors are able and willing to offer a novice. ^_^ please.



Aki Seerose Biography

Aki Seerose Biography

I am a married wife of 23 years with a very active imagination and a highly charged fantasy life. I am a new author who would love to share what I have to offer with you. I was born in a tiny town in NW Kansas, now living in central Oklahoma while attending Nursing school.

Each time you read one of my stories or books, please take a moment to download the latest copy. I try very hard to only publish polished material, but I am a constant tinkerer. The version you buy now may just be a tiny bit better the next time you read it, IF you download the latest version.

Thank you all very much for taking the time to visit my page on Smashwords. I love and appreciate each and every one of you. 

Wet kisses and warm hugs,
Aki Seerose


Full Moon Darkest Night (a short story)

Full Moon Darkest Night (a short story)

Miranda finds that the man she has been spying on is more than he appears–much more. The sex they have is incredible, the best she has ever had. So intense that she accidentally bites her lover on the neck, an action that brings about incredible and permanent changes to her life. On the night of the first full moon she has to make a decision that will change her life forever; to join her lover in the life he leads a life of danger and adventure or to remain in her safe world of medicine where men do not turn into werewolves! Follow along with her as she makes her decision. Would you be as brave?

This short story is just a primer for the novel that is currently in process that will detail her life and choices in far greater detail. 

Question for Erotica Readers/Authors

I am working on a full size novel (aiming for 160K words) that will fit into the Erotica Category (Paranormal Erotica, to be specific). The book has numerous explicit sex scenes but they exist solely for the purpose of advancing the plot.The major story line is a murder investigation and the choices my main character (a female ER doctor) must make in determining what path to follow in her life–to become a shape shifting/werewolf with her male lover, to become a vampire with her female love or, to remain human and be uncommitted to either.  My question is, how important is an abundance of sex scenes when you are purchasing an Erotica book? Does it have to have a lot of sex, or are the occasional great sex scenes interspersed throughout the book enough? The book has plenty of action and thrills, but at this point only a handful of sex scenes.The short story version of this is comprised almost solely of sex scenes. It’s basically just a quick porn story.  It was well received but I want the book to be more than just porn. I want it to be enjoyable to a wider audience though still firmly in the Erotica market niche.I’d love your feedback.Aki